Teaching and training activities

Teaching and training activities focus on the specific curriculum of Law students, of non-Law students with different university background and the public in general. The Chair encompasses several intensive annual courses and diverse seminars, workshops and a training course, as well as a research project. Research activities lie mainly on a research project on the EU contribution to the international environmental regulatory framework. Altogether, the Chair pairs essential and contingent learning and research-oriented activities.

As for the activities’ follow-up, the Chair has its internal quality assurance system. The UB applies the ENQUA, the ANECA, and the AQU standards, procedures and guidelines. In addition, the UB Faculty of Law also has its own committee on quality assurance.

Teaching activities:

1.- Environmental law: The international dimension of EU environmental law

This is a curricular subject for UB Law students. This course aims to understand the transformation of EU Environmental Law in the global context.

2.- Environmental law: The relationship between national and EU law in the environmental field

This is a curricular subject for UB Law students. It aims to grant students the understanding of the evolution and main features of the Spanish and Catalan Law and the relevant influence of the Environmental EU Environmental Law.

3.- EU water policy and international cooperation

This course is part of the curricula for the UB Master’s degree on Science and Integrated Management of Water, offered by the UB IdRA. The course aims to gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of EU Law and its role in the management of water.

4.- Legal framework for renewable energy

This course is part of the curricula for the UB Master’s degree on Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability offered by the UB Faculty of Physics. The course aims to gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Law and its role in the regulation and promotion of renewable energies.

5.- Climate change international negotiations

This course is part of the curricula of the online URV Master’s degree on Environmental Law. It aims to provide students with a detailed knowledge of the basic elements of the international climate change negotiations.

6.- Research seminar

The aim of this research seminar, addressed to Ph.D. candidates, is to offer an advanced understanding on how the EU responds to legal challenges related to international environmental protection.

7.- EU environmental law and national courts

The training course, addressed mainly to judicial and legal staff and professionals, is intended to enhancing knowledge on the meaning and practical relevance of principles of EU Environmental Law for national environmental policy.

8.- EU environmental law for non-lawyers

The seminar aims to provide non-lawyers with the necessary knowledge about fundamental concepts of EU Law and EU Environmental Law.


1.- Jean Monnet chair’s workshop series:



  • Fishing and Environmental protection
  • Human Rights and Environmental Protection
  • Environment Citizen Enforcement in Europe and USA


  • Environmental Crime and the role of Criminal Law
  • Migratory Issues and Environment
  • From Sustainable Development to Environmental Justice

2.- Workshop on applied legal analysis

The workshop deeps in the skills required for research and legal analysis on the field of EU Environmental Law.

3.- Conferences

4.- Final conference