Research seminar for PhD candidates

On April the 24th, 26th and May the 3rd EUEL is organizing a “Research seminar for PhD Candidates”.

The purpouse of this seminar is to encourage reflexion and experience-sharing among young and senior researchers from different legal backgrounds. It aims to provide an in-deep understanding of how the EU deals with the legal challenges in the environmental field and to introduce participants in the legal research skills  required in this field. It also hopes to enable a forum for discussion where students might be able to present their upheld research.

The seminar is structured as follows: During the openning session Dr. José Juste Ruiz will give a speach on “Aspectos sistémicos del Derecho internacional ambiental y relaciones entre el sistema global, los sistemas regionales y los derechos nacionales”, followed by a debate with assistants.

The second activity will consist on a working session where professors in the Law Faculty  (Dra. Mar Campins, Dr. Àlex Peñalver and Dra. Mar Aguilera) will refer to the principle topics in EU Environmental Law which were presented during the previous session. They will then conduct a new debate with PhD students to work on those aspects.

On the third session, PhD students whose research is related to Environmental Law will present the thesis research they have developed following a short debate with other assistants.

Moreover, we will propose PhD students to pre-publicate some of the results obtained through their research on Jean Monnet Chair of EU Environmental Law webpage.


Assistants shall fill the register form that appears when clicking the register image bellow.