Videos and Imtages on the Research Seminar

On May 2018 the Jean Monnet Chair of EU Environmental Law carried out a Research Seminar primarly organized for PhD students. In this post you may find the videos and imatges of the openning session. Our guest speaker was Prof.  Ludwig Krämer.

May the 10th (16.00-18.00): Saló de Graus

“Implementation and enforcement of EU Environmental Law”
Prof. Ludwig Kramer, Conseller de Client Earth, Honorar Professor Bremen University

Video Link:

May the 11th (16.00-19.00): Seminari 2

Working session: “Principals aspectes i qüestions de Dret ambiental de la UE”.
Dra. Mar Campins, Dr. Àlex Peñalver, Dra. Mar Aguilera

May the 14th (16.00-19.00): Seminari 2

Working session: “Presentació de projectes de tesi dels doctorands”